Auto Leasing System

With increasing demand for automobile leasing services, companies are striving to stand out and create a unique position in the market. However, with growing business comes challenges related to operations and management of customer choice, purchasing power and enhancing front-end experience for the customer.

Kanoo Consulting Services (KCS) presents the Auto Leasing System - a one-stop solution that addresses all the above requirements and expectations of your business with simplicity and ease.

What is KCS Auto Leasing System?

KCS Auto Leasing System is an award-winning* automotive leasing management software designed for large, medium and small car rental organisations, and auto-leasing companies. The software supports all kinds of car rental businesses including daily rental, short term and long term leasing, limousine, and point-to-point transport service.

Auto Leasing System offers a single integrated software solution that streamlines all activities within automotive leasing, fleet and mobility management. It’s a modern, comprehensive and flexible platform developed on the Oracle E-Business Suite to best utilise the standard ERP modules along with custom-build leasing module.

Automating Leasing - Centralised and Cost-effective

Auto Leasing System empowers you to maximise the lifetime value of your vehicle assets, cut costs and manage your entire fleet, be it contract hire or rental operation using a single unified leasing application. At every point in the daily operations, the software handles your particular and often unique requirements in terms of work flow, functionality, data exchange and interfaces with Oracle standard modules.

Using standard E-Business Suite to cover vehicle purchase and sale, asset depreciation, invoicing, CRM and producing analysis reports, Auto Leasing System delivers a truly single integrated ERP for your auto leasing requirement.

Auto Leasing System enables you to have a centralised and cost-effective system. By providing management with real-time reports using business intelligence, the System helps ensure best-in-class features, performance and profitability.

Key features of Auto Leasing System:

Fleet Management

  • Vehicle Available, Leased and Booked
  • Pick & Drop Management
  • Insurance & Registration Management
  • Scheduled Yard Movement

Lease Management

  • Advanced Lease Pricing Engine
  • Lease Quote
  • Contracts/Agreement Administration


  • One-off & Schedule invoicing
  • Invoice Grouping
  • e-Invoicing
  • Automated Toll and Fines Management


  • Supports Workshop Integration
  • Outsource Service Management
  • Maintenance Reminders


  • Advanced BI Dashboards with over 100 management
  • reports, covering analyses of:
  • Fleet
  • Lease
  • Revenue
  • Expense
  • Margin
  • Asset Information

Digital Reception

  • Complete Paperless Process
  • Mobile Apps for Check-in & Check-out
  • Instant Retrieval of Contract, Agreement and
  • Inspection Sheets

Empowering Leasing Through Mobility

Leasing e-Check-in & Check-out

Equipped with an iPad, your Leasing Executive can conduct a quick walk-around check and take snapshots. The App allows you to synchronise the leasing agreement, customer information and vehicle details from the Oracle EBS rental module, in real-time. All documents are scanned and any potential disputes can be avoided by accessing past records.

Online Documentation, Records & Check-list

The mobile application maintains an online repository of vehicles and customer information. In real-time, it retrieves rental agreements and vehicle details from the Oracle EBS rental module.

Online Customer Acceptance

The signature of the customer is captured on the tablet application as part of the sign off and acceptance. Once the user has authorised and checked-out, the data is processed back to the Oracle system to update the rental agreement. This agreement can be viewed, at any point of time, by entering the rental agreement number.

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