Dealership Management System

The automobile market is increasingly competitive and businesses like yours are responding to demands with radical changes.

At Kanoo Consulting Services (KCS), we understand that your goal is to ensure smooth and streamlined operations, generate leads, retain customers, track stock status accurately and adapt to circumstances with flexibility, thereby resulting in cost reduction and better balance sheets with enhanced customer satisfaction.

However, when systems within a company are not integrated, business processes can become inefficient. The Dealership Management System (DMS) from Kanoo Consulting Services is designed to help organisations streamline their processes and unify their IT environments across brands, locations and geographies.

What is a DMS?

The KCS DMS is the most complete, open and integrated suite of business solutions developed on Oracle E-Business Suite. It provides an ERP platform to Automotive Dealers in a highly automated and integrated environment.

As a flexible solution with robust functionality and real-time data, it lets you organise your business, improve employee efficiency and build more profitable customer relationships.

We help you manage your business with an end-to-end realtime system, covering every aspect of your operations, including but not limited to:

  • Procurement
  • Inventory & Planning
  • Warehouse Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales Order Management
  • After Sales Service & Warranty Claims
  • Leasing Management
  • Finance
  • Human Resource & Payroll
  • Time & Labour

Vehicle Procurement & Sales

Managing Capacity for Vehicle Procurement

As an automobile dealer, you may face fluctuating demands, supply chain delays and scattered sourcing. Our solution combines the best knowledge of international costing and valuation standards coupled with procurement planning, forecasting, EDI exchange and financial accounting featuring:
  • Product Catalogue & Configurations
  • Custom Duty Payment & Reimbursement Process
  • Electronic Data Communication with Vendors
  • Automated Advanced Shipment Receipt
  • High Volume Management

Smart Inventory Management

Inventories that are mismanaged can create significant financial problems, whether the mismanagement results in an inventory surplus or an inventory shortage. KCS DMS helps ensure that items are available when they are needed, keeping track of existing inventory and its use.
  • Inventory features include:
  • Mobile Device Express Receipt at Ports
  • Stock Valuation Inclusive of Landed Cost
  • Stock Movement & Management
  • Catalogue Management
  • Serial Controlled Items’ Stock Position & Valuation
  • Accessories Management
  • Physical Counting
  • Planning & Forecasting
  • Quality Checklist & Vehicle Long Storage Management

Systematic CRM for Leads and Engagement

Customer relationship is a critical factor in winning and retaining business. Therefore, our DMS solution incorporates a well-implemented CRM system that integrates with other departments such as sales, marketing, spares and services to enable you to interact with customers in ways that are rewarding.

  • Prospect, Lead, Opportunity Management
  • Quote Management
  • Test Drives & Fleet Management
  • Customer Interactions & Follow-up
  • Campaign & Loyalty Management

Achieving Sales Targets

Sales is the lifeblood of your business. With KCS DMS, you can track sales from lead to delivery, build customer loyalty, boost profits and cut costs. The solution supports the complete vehicle sales cycle – from lead and quotation, order and pre-delivery inspection to final invoice and vehicle pickup. All required information is presented in an easy and structured manner.

  • Vehicle Reservations against Stock & Expected Stock
  • Sales Based on Vehicle & Accessory Features
  • Quotation & Order Management for Counter, Fleet, Dealer & Bulk Sales
  • Advanced Pricing Engine
  • Trade-In & Test Drives
  • Online Vehicle Registration
  • Deferred EMI & PDC Options
  • Integrated Pre-Delivery Inspection
  • After-sales Follow-up
  • Solution to Manage Service Packages like Warranty, Extended Warranty,
  • Service Package & Third Party Assist Maintenance

Spare Parts Procurement & Sales

At the heart of a strong long-term customer relationship is a well-organised spare parts procurement and sales system. KCS DMS solution enables efficient sales order processing, scheduling and inventory management. Its custom-built industry specific planning module helps you maintain part stock and substitute stock tracking, resulting in better service, fast and precise spare parts delivery.


  • Maintaining Principal Comprehensive Parts Catalogue with Substitute & Versions
  • Extended Procurement Lifecycle starting from Requisitions, Orders, ASN till Invoicing
  • Electronic Data Communication with Vendors
  • Supports High Volume Transactions
  • Approvals/Workflows Hierarchy


  • Express Receipt at Ports
  • Stock Valuation Inclusive of Landed Cost
  • Stock Movement & Management
  • Tracking Serial Controlled Items
  • Physical Counting


  • A Complete Custom Solution for Parts Planning Covering Demand, Seasonality,
  • Emergency & Air Order List
  • System Suggested Economic Order Quantity
  • Maintaining Ideal Ratio of Healthy Stock vs Non Healthy Stock
  • Achieve Higher Service Rate & Fill Rate

Warehouse Management

  • Bar Code based Unpacking, Sorting & Binning Process
  • Rule based Solution for Picking & Put-Away
  • Automated Sorting & Repacking Process
  • Multi-Level Strategies for Stock Mobility
  • Enhanced Resource Productivity
  • Customer based Order Reservation


  • Quotation & Order Management for Counter, Fleet, Dealer, Bulk Sales & Scrap Sales
  • Advanced Pricing Engine including Multi-Level Discounting & Pricing
  • Insurance & Branch Sales Management
  • Back to Back Ordering

Smooth and Systematic Vehicle Servicing

At the core of building customer loyalty is a completely satisfying service experience. Our DMS helps integrate each touch point within your service processes such as marketing, appointment scheduling, vehicle servicing, customer interaction, and vehicle completion/delivery. This ensures that you are emphasising value, convenience, and trust. Customers don’t need to wait any more as you manage time and resources better, even providing upto-the-minute status update on car servicing, delivery, invoicing – going the extra mile in customer satisfaction.

Digital Reception

  • Online Appointment for Service
  • Quick e-Check-in of Vehicles
  • Precise Scheduling and Allocation of Workshop Resources

Workshop Management

  • Service Request Processes for: Cash, Credit, Free Service, Warranty, Service Package,
  • Extended Warranty, PDI and Back Jobs
  • Provision of Predefined Operations - Franchisee-Wise/Model-Wise
  • Provision of Spare Parts Mapping with Operation Codes
  • Provision of Split Task or Club Task
  • Discounts Management
  • Job Progress Control Boards

Technicians Productivity

  • Task Assignment based on Technicians’ Expertise
  • Technicians Clock-in / Clock-out Process
  • Workshop Bay Scheduling & Technicians’ Productivity Management

Campaign Management

  • Seasonal, Product, Service or Recall Campaign Management
  • System Alert for existing campaigns

Warranty Management

  • Warranty Claim Preparation and Submission
  • Electronic Data Interchange with Principal
  • Automatic Invoicing upon Principal’s Acceptance

Post Service Follow Up

  • System Driven Service Follow-up Alerts