Integrated Office Automation Suite

Organisations thrive when internal operations and backend systems are robust and efficient. However, the prevailing practice to employ multiple systems for different processes gives rise to issues related to incompatibility.

Further, in a system that is dependent on manual approvals, corporate information is scattered across paper-based application forms. Hence, it is hard to achieve the simplicity that users expect, the flexibility process owners deserve and the efficiency that management demands.

Kanoo Consulting Services (KCS) presents the Integrated Office Automation Suite (IAS) - a one-stop online solution which covers:

  • Intranet Portal
  • Document Management System
  • Employee Self Service
  • Bespoke Software Modules comprising ICT Asset Management, Helpdesk & eVisitor

Intranet Portal – Powerful Business Tool

IAS provides an online hub that comprises a corporate Website - a central repository of information, employee announcement and collaborations. The portal helps employees access valuable information anytime. IAS delivers measurable efficiencies to employees and the organisation by eliminating inaccuracies in data collection by offering a single point of entry. Consolidation of information into one user-friendly gateway creates efficiencies and helps quickly align employees with organisational objectives.

Organisational business rules are applied into workflow for seamless integration between employees, managers,departments and systems. Employee productivity and satisfaction levels are enhanced as they spend less time looking for the information they need.

Regardless of the size of your business, KCS can deliver a turnkey all-in-one portal solution that combines extreme performance, rich functionality and unmatched ease-of-use to assure quality experience.


  • Corporate News & Announcements
  • Employee Directory
  • Reference Manuals
  • Training Materials
  • Event Calendar
  • Vacation Planner

IAS - Self-service and Paperless Convenience

Document Management System - Easier, Faster and Secure Modern businesses rely on managing documents in a way that information can be created, shared, organised and stored efficiently.

IAS-DMS provides a solution to eliminate paper-based systems and digitise the organisation. This flexible document management system enables organisations to effortlessly store, manage, track and retrieve information.

KCS’ innovative proprietary connector to Oracle E-Business suite serves as a cost-effective solution to the enterprise while users benefit from seamless integration and best-in-class features.

Employee Self-service - Empowering Human Resources

Employee Self-service is a software solution that is integrated with your organisation’s active directory and corporate ERP. It offers a convenient and secure way for your employees to access personal data and complete different tasks with online submission and approvals, that would otherwise need to be completed by human resource personnel.

By automating submissions, approvals and processes online with real time data, Employee Self-service saves many man-hours and increases efficiency.

HR and operational forms include:

  • Vacation Calendar
  • Leave Application
  • Ticket/ Air Passage Application
  • Salary Bank Transfer Request
  • Access Card Request
  • Premises Access/ Entry Permit Request
  • Business Trip Application

All above services facilitate OTP-based self-service solution for field staff.


  • Reduces Paper Usage
  • Quick Reference of Applications
  • Online Delegation of Authority
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Online Submission & Approvals 2

IAS - Bespoke Modules for Greater Automation

IAS takes adaptability and customisation to a new level by providing bespoke software modules that are engineered to suit specific users and requirements. From Asset Management and Helpdesk to back office system requirements, every detail is taken care with your organisation in mind.

Helpdesk Management - At Your Service

IAS is geared to facilitate Helpdesk functions, such as Incident reporting or Service requests. This covers logging the issues/requirements in the system, creating and assigning tasks to the concerned teams involved in completing the tasks. Helpdesk supports escalation and follow-up mechanism, and incorporates a rich interactive dashboard for senior management to track requests and progress.

ICT Asset Management - Delivering Value

ICT Asset Management offers an integrated package to keep track of all ICT assets starting from purchase to end of lifecycle. It also maintains asset configurations, versions, assignment, service history, warranty, AMCs and disposal.

Whenever an asset undergoes maintenance, you can track the details, duration, location and its impact on cost and performance. Additionally, the usage of the asset in its lifecycle can be measured and analysed. One of the product’s salient features is the physical counting process using handheld terminals. This new generation asset software is proven to deliver value to organisations.

eVisitor – Precision Monitoring for Security

eVisitor management module assists in capturing all-relevant information about visitors to your premises by reading directly from their CPR/Smart Card. It enables Front office/Security personnel to capture the information of visitors and provide specific access with online intimation to the intended employees. This precise and intelligent application ensures digitally monitored information for a secure and safe work environment.