Auto Leasing System – a one-stop solution that addresses all the business requirements and expectations of your leasing business with simplicity and ease. This software covers end-to-end process vehicle leasing, rent a car and limousine point to point service.

What is KCS Auto Leasing System?

KCS Auto Leasing System is an award-winning automotive leasing management software designed for large, medium and small car rental organizations, and auto-leasing companies. The software supports all kinds of car rental businesses including daily rental, short term and long term leasing, limousine, and point-to-point transport service. It’s a modern, comprehensive and flexible platform developed on the Oracle E-Business Suite to best utilise the standard ERP modules along with custom-build leasing module.

Centralised and Cost-effective

Auto Leasing System empowers you to maximise the lifetime value of your vehicle assets, cut costs and manage your entire fleet, be it contract hire or rental operation using a single unified leasing application. This is truly single integrated ERP for your auto leasing requirement.

Auto Leasing System enables you to have a centralised and cost-effective system. By providing management with real-time reports using business intelligence, the System helps ensure best-in-class features, performance and profitability.

Key features of Auto Leasing System:

  • Fleet Management
  • Lease Management
  • Invoicing
  • Service
  • MIS Reports
  • Digital Reception

Empowering Leasing Through Mobility

Equipped with an iPad, your Leasing Executive can conduct a quick walk-around check and take snapshots. The App allows you to synchronise the leasing agreement, customer information and vehicle details from the Oracle EBS rental module, in real-time. All documents are scanned and any potential disputes can be avoided by accessing past records.

  • Online Customer Acceptance
  • Leasing e-Check-in & Check-out
  • Online Documentation, Records & Check-list