Organisations that are planning the implementation of an ERP project should clearly understand the alternatives, options, benefits and implications of entering in such a process. We help our clients to conduct a thorough internal due diligence, including review of their organisation, roles and responsibilities, business processes, IT environment, databases and data migration requirements, legacy systems, system utilisers, growth projections, reporting, business intelligence, and other key indicators.

Through our experienced partners, we provide clients with valuable guidelines and critical success factors in implementing an ERP solution on-time, within budget and achieving the desired benefits. This service is not only for the organisations that are in the planning phases of an ERP implementation, but also, those who have started the process and require expert guidance to steer the implementation project on the right track.

We support our clients in finalising their operational project plans and milestones, by planning tactical quick success objectives able to create momentum and acceptance for the success of the entire project; we trigger the necessary what-if thinking for developing business continuity contingency plans, and last but not least, the important and critical go-live planning phase, inclusive of the post implementation: troubleshooting, continuous development/improvement and maintenance strategies.