Mobility has changed the business dynamics of interacting and serving the customers, enhancing customer experience to the highest level. KCS mobility practice extends end-to-end mobility services. The open source technology makes it possible to extend any standard or custom built business application to mobile devices. KCS services includes:

  • Identify Mobility Requirements and Functions
  • Cost Benefits Analysis
  • Mobility Strategy
  • Development of Mobile Solution and Support

KCS has ready-built mobile apps for the automotive industry, which can be modified to suit any source system. Automotive Mobile Applications enable your Service Advisors and Sales Executives to function efficiently while on the move through a Graphical User Interface and paperless process. Adopt the latest technology to maximise productivity, reduce time, cost and above all, enhance your customer’s experience.


e-Service – Service on the go

e-Service is used to create the job card, conduct electronic walk-around check, correspond with customers, provide estimate, send invoice, and print the gate pass. The App’s smart dashboard simplifies follow-ups, workshop status updates (WIP), parts order, etc. Overall, e-Service makes the Service Advisor mobile and plays a key role in improving customer satisfaction and efficiency by reducing receiving and turnaround time.


e-Sales – Expand your market share

e-Sales assists your sales team in lead initiation, prospect management, quote generation, checking on stock availability and car delivery status. Customer information captured on the mobile device can be used to schedule test drives and promote trade-in activity, ensuring no leads are lost. Vehicle videos and specifications are also accessible for dynamic product presentations.


e-Feedback – Know your customer

Customer feedback received at the right time is crucial to gain valuable insights into the customer’s experience. e-Feedback Mobile Application is an efficient way to collect feedback at vehicle delivery so that issues can be addressed right away.


Leasing e-Check-in & Check-out

Equipped with an iPad, your Leasing Executive can conduct a quick walk-around check and take snapshots. The App allows you to synchronise the leasing agreement, customer information and vehicle details from the Oracle EBS rental module, in real-time. All documents are scanned and any potential disputes can be avoided by accessing past records.


Pre-owned Vehicle Evaluation App

Your evaluation team can enter details of the vehicle, record mileage and damages in the App. With centralised pricing, quotations can be processed immediately. All customer sales inquiries can be documented, ensuring a streamlined database that works to your advantage.