Through our expert specialist functional consultants, operating system and database administrators, developers and programmers, we deliver managed services in complete synchronisation with our clients’ internal IT teams and procedures.

Most organisations seek experienced professionals to manage their servers, operating systems, databases and applications. Finding and retaining skilled professionals who can deliver quality application development and management with minimal training is a challenge facing business today.

In addition, an organisation needs to have contingency plans to cover the hidden or black spots that arise out of personnel illness, holidays and resignations.

Our Managed Services model provides you with the advantage of outsourcing the management of tasks such as database, system administration and application support, at very reasonable cost while keeping the core business activities under your control.

The value addition that we offer is that you get assured and continuous service at a predictable cost (which is usually lower than performing the same activities with in-house resources.) This enables the customer to pay less for better and higher quality of service over a period of time.